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Revisiting Real Madrid’s Champions League Victory

Ben Migono / June 9, 2017

Last weekend, Real Madrid took on Juventus to crown a Champions League winner.


With the score tied at 1-1 at halftime, it was some key advice from manager Zinedine Zidane that helped Real Madrid find their groove in the second half. Just recently, midfielder Luka Modric has revealed what was said during the break.


Zidane told his players to be ‘more aggressive’. While it may not sound like much – it meant a lot. In a game where their go-ahead goal from Cristiano Ronaldo was erased by a spectacular effort by Juventus’ Mario Mandzukic, there was no need for his side to play defensively.



Instead of staying back and allowing Juventus to control the ball, Madrid switched it up in the second half to great success. They scored three unanswered goals to become the first club since 1990 to repeat as Champions League winners.


Casemiro scored at the 61′ mark, Ronaldo added his second of the game just three minutes later at the 64′ minute mark and Marco Asensio added one of his own for good measure in at 90′.


Zidane has been touted as being quite lucky in the past, but now that he has now won two League finals and he hasn’t even reached two full seasons as a manager yet, is it really luck?


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