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Security Company Scams Homeowners

Shelby Chau / November 9, 2016

Scams similar to this have been around for ages. The practice is known as a “takeover” and it’s a mixture of snake oil, hard selling, and flat out lying. In this short video published on YouTube by Inside Edition, journalists go undercover as recruits looking for work while they investigate a security company named Alder.



The hidden camera catches the unscrupulous salesmen go to homes with ADT security signs on their lawns and they fool the homeowners into switching their home security over to Alder. The scammers get their foot in the door by claiming they work with companies like GE (General Electric) or by avoiding the issue entirely and saying something to the effect of, “I’m here to give you guys a new sign.”


The scammers sell their service by offering a “free” upgrade, but because most security systems are contract-based, most of the new Alder customers end up being stuck with bills for both Alder and ADT, and some have even had to pay fines because some of the time the ADT equipment is rented month-by-month rather than purchased outright.


One of the most unsettling elements of these kinds of tactics is that the “sales people” go after some of society’s most vulnerable, like the elderly, and new/first-time (naive) homeowners. They also using scare tactics like showing the homeowners pictures and videos of break-ins where people cut security system lines, claiming that the reason the lines were able to be cut was because ADT systems use out-of-date technology.