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Stopped Playing Pokemon GO? Maybe This Update Will Bring You Back

Steve Porter / July 12, 2017

When Pokemon GO was released in the summer of 2016, an air of freshness seemed to flow into every region where this game was launched. People would be gathering in mass numbers trying to ‘catch ’em all.’ It was fun, it was new, it was exciting. And it brought people together.


Since then, crashes, updates, and changes have lead to frustration for some and total abandonment for others. While some have left, many are still playing, and that’s all a game really needs. There’s been a steady flow of content updates to keep the game fresh – like Generation 2 Pokemon – and their latest patch.



If you’ve quit, you might want to log in just to see what’s happened. Gyms got a full makeover and multiplayer raids have been introduced.


Gyms no longer hold 10 Dragonites anymore. In fact, a gym won’t allow duplicates at all and have a maximum group of 6. You can collect items and badges from gyms as well.


As for raids, a ‘Boss Pokemon’ takes over a gym and you and other trainers (regardless of faction) must work together to take down the Pokemon. If successful, you’ll get some special items and a chance to catch the defeated Pokemon. There’s five levels of difficulty – so the higher the level – the more players you’ll need!


What do you think? Worth another shot?