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Stranger Things Season 2 Has Arrived! Time To Binge

Shelby Chau / October 27, 2017

With Halloween just around the corner, why not kick back, sit back, and binge the newest season of Stranger Things? It’s been a supernatural hit after a stunning debut in 2016. It was unexpected and became a fan favorite very quickly that captivated audiences from all around the world. Now you have a choice. To binge and suffer through another long wait? Or relax and enjoy it for as long as you can. Of course, you better avoid any spoilers on social media because YOU KNOW if you don’t binge it, others will.


There’s 9 episodes in season 2, which technically means you could totally finish it all in a day. Now with the weekend upon us, isn’t that what we all need?



When we last left off, we saw Will finally make it back home, but his nightmare doesn’t seem to be over. I mean, what kind of hell lets you cough up a slug? Eleven took on the Demogorgon and blew it up, but ended up disappearing in the process. The gang Mike, Dustin and Lucas are glad to have Will back, and then there’s Barb, who looked pretty dead in the upside-down.


I don’t know about you, but I don’t think I can wait!


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