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Tesla Owner Wrecks His Car To Save Another Driver

Steve Porter / February 16, 2017

In what can only be described as an uplifting story, a man in Germany sacrificed his own Tesla to save a man in dire need of help.


The 41-year old man, Manfred Kick, was driving in his Model S on the Autobahn in Germany when he noticed a Volkswagen Passat driving frantically – even hitting the guardrail at times. As it turns out, the man behind the wheel of the VW was unconscious. Instead of sitting idly by and watching – in what we all assume would be a crash and impending death – the Tesla owner called the fire department, sped in front of the other vehicle, used his own car as a reverse tugboat of sorts, then slowly braking until both vehicles came to a stop.


Source: jalopnik (Feuerwehr Munchen/Facebook)


If that wasn’t enough, Kick proceeded to administer first aid to the ailing driver until help arrived. The man had apparently suffered a stroke. He was taken to hospital where it was announced he was in stable condition.


For this Tesla owner, he valued another man’s life more than the amount of damage he sustained on his vehicle, which was around 10,000 Euros combined for both cars. But you can’t put a price on heroics.


What makes this story even better is that Tesla’s owner, Elon Musk, caught wind of the story and offered to pay for all of Kick’s repairs – no questions asked.



Featured image via jalopnik (Feuerwehr Munchen/Facebook)