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The Most Convenient Backpack You’ve Ever Seen

Shelby Chau / February 15, 2017

Photographers and travelers will absolutely love this innovative bag.


Introducing Wolffepack, the world’s first orbital backpack. The pack you can access without having to take it off of your shoulders. This revolutionary concept was developed by British engineer and photography enthusiast, David Wolffe.


Wolffe wanted to create a bag that made it easy to retrieve his camera and other items without the hassle. With many prototypes and drafts, he came up with this backpack that can be swung around to the front with the pull of a cord, without having to unstrap or set the pack down.



This design lets you grab your stuff, take out your camera and take some snapshots without really taking your bag off. With the pull of the cord, it can retract back into place and return back to its original backpack position.


British photography enthusiast David Wolffe wanted an easier way to retrieve his camera from his bag and to free his hands to capture those important moments.


After the pack has been pulled down, it can hang or be clipped to the front shoulder straps hands-free. Not only does this free up your hands to grab your camera, lens, or battery, but wearing the pack on your chest can also help protect against thieves.



This award-winning design is not only for photographers, but a phenomenally designed backpack for parents, commuters, travelers and explorers. The sleek bag is padded, protected and secure, but also stays clean since it never touches the floor and always stay off the ground.


Wolffe worked with a team of award-winning industrial designers and professional photographers to come up with the Wolffepack that became a best seller on Amazon and has won multiple design awards.


Featured image via Wolffepack