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The Nokia 3310 Might Be Making A Comeback

Shelby Chau / February 14, 2017

Everyone loved the Nokia 3310 because of its tough-as-nails build quality and a battery that seemed to last forever. It’s a legendary phone, a piece of hardware that conjures up fond memories of a time when it just gave you peace of mind – and the ability to play a game of Snake or two.


But best of all, it spawned a million Internet memes.



Nokia’s 3310 has been hailed as the best phone of all time before, and even though it was initally released in the year 2000, many people still hold this handset in high regard. Before Apple revolutionized the industry with their touchscreens, Nokia was the king of the hill – and in just a few weeks, we might be getting a blast from the past.


As Mobile World Congress nears on February 26th, one of the most anticipated reveals will probably be the relaunch of the classic 3310. According to VentureBeat writer, Evan Blass, the cost of the phone is expected to be around $62 USD (€59). It’s not too expensive, especially if it’s still the same workhorse as before. Many sales will come from people just looking for another piece of nostalgia – at least that’s probably what they’re hoping for.


What do you think? Will you get one just for the heck of it?


Featured image via techradar