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The Walking Dead Season 7 Finale Was A Perfect Ending

Ben Migono / April 3, 2017

It was a long emotional roller coaster ride, but that was one hell of a season finale for Season 7 of AMC’s The Walking Dead. Obviously, there will be spoilers below, so read with caution, if you haven’t watched the finale yet.


It was a special 85-minute long episode that gave us so many amazing and jaw-dropping moments. Most of the episode was set up for Sasha’s big plan where we got to see her flashbacks to the morning of the day she lost Abraham, which would have been in the season finale of the Season 6. It was a treat for fans to get to see Big Red back on screen, sharing some tender moments with Sasha, as she prepared herself to be the ultimate weapon to be used against Negan and the Saviors.



Sasha was an amazing character, and she will be deeply missed, but it was awesome to see that her character arc was complete and she went out fighting and with a purpose.



Though the betrayal of Judas, I mean Jadis, and the Scavengers was unexpected for Rick and the gang, Sasha reanimating as a walker to attack Negan was the perfect distraction for the Alexandrians get out of their jam.


Losing many casualties in the initial shootout, all looked bleak and hopeless for Rick, as he and Carl were captured and asked to kneel with Saviors and Scavengers surrounding them. However, in contrast to the Rick we saw in the premiere of this season, we saw a more defiant and hopeful Rick, threatening Negan to his face. It was very satisfying to watch after seeing Rick being tormented and dragged around (literally) in the first episode of season seven.



Negan, not taking any of Rick’s defiance, was mid-swing to kill Carl, when Shiva, King Ezekiel and fighters from The Kingdom arrive just in time to take down some of the Saviors and send Negan into a full retreat. Shiva mauling Saviors’ faces was pretty badass, and it was awesome to finally see her get in the action.



As a fan, it was incredibly wonderful to have a finale that didn’t end on such an unsettling cliff-hanger as the previous finale. Instead, the finale was a perfect conclusion to the season, giving us a stark contrast to what we saw in the premiere. It also ended with hope, excitement, and unity.


Rick thanked Maggie for bringing The Hilltop and its fighters to join in and help save the day, but Maggie’s response was absolutely beautiful. Her response not only gave a tribute to her late husband, Glenn, who died in the season seven premiere, but also to the family and the unity of communities that all started back in the first season when Glenn decided to help Rick who was trapped in a tank and surrounded by walkers.



It was the fate of Glenn who decided to help Rick, and together they formed a friendship that extended to their community, and now to several communities who have now formed an alliance. It was a beautiful tribute, and a perfect ending to a long and emotional season.



We’ll have to wait till the Fall season, when Season 8 returns and we begin this epic and much anticipated All Out War.