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The Walking Dead Season 7 Returns Sunday

Ben Migono / February 8, 2017

The Walking Dead finally returns this Sunday night, after about two months since the season 7 midseason finale aired back in December. For those that tuned in to Super Bowl 51 last Sunday, you were in for a treat, and I mean, in addition to the exciting game and entertaining halftime performance.


AMC had a short 15-second spot between the commercials that any Walking Dead fan would recognize, with Negan’s iconic barbed wire-wrapped bat, Lucille, bashing in a leather football into the ground.



With football season now over, it’s time to get back to the post-apocalyptic world and join Rick Grimes and the gang as they rise up to finish the rest of the thrilling season.


Here’s the 30-second trailer to get you back on track and excited for what’s to come.


#TWD returns. This Sunday

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There’s still a lot of questions that are up in the air, which I can’t wait to find out, like, what will Negan do when he finds out Daryl has escaped? Will Eugene help the Saviors or will he undermine them in a brilliant way? Who’s the mystery person in the boots? And who created the spikey-looking walker?


Get ready for Sunday, it looks like it’ll be a smashing second half of the season.


Always ready to strike. #RiseUpForTWD this Sunday.

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And if you’re like me, and want to see more, here’s the midseason premiere promo, with some of the crew and cast talking about the characters, the story, and what to expect for the intense second half of season 7.