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This Former Power Ranger Was Sentenced To Six Years In Prison

Shelby Chau / April 2, 2017

With the latest Power Rangers movie in theaters now and grossing close to $50 million in the US as of March 29th, things are looking up for the franchise. Well, that is until Thursday happened when a former Ranger, Ricardo Medina Jr., was sentenced to six years in jail for using a sword to kill his roommate in 2015.


Joshua Sutter and Medina Jr. lived together in a home in Palmdale, California, but an argument lead to Sutter’s eventual death. On January 31, 2015, the pair got into a heated argument in the kitchen and it was supposedly about Medina’s girlfriend. Medina and his girlfriend returned to his bedroom, but Sutter broke through the door. Medina Jr. then stabbed Sutter with a sword and he later passed away after being taken to the hospital.



Earlier this month, the former Red Wild Force Ranger pleaded guilty to the charge of voluntary manslaughter. He was initially charged with murder (first-degree), but decided to plead to the lessor charge. If he didn’t, he risked a murder conviction and may have ended up with a life sentence instead.


Daviann L. Mitchell, Superior Court Judge, gave the sentence after hearing the emotional testimonies from members of the Sutter family.


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