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This Invention Stops Drinks From Spilling

Arin Spits / February 3, 2017

We’ve all had to deal with spilling drinks before, especially while carrying them, but believe it or not, thanks to science, we no longer have to worry about spilling.



Joshua Millstein who was studying at the University of California Santa Cruz was intrigued by some physics concepts he was learning and wanted to find some practical applications for what he was learning. After years of development, he invented the SpillNot. The no-spill mug holder.


This spill-free invention was developed as a personal project of Millstein after learning that cups suspended by a thread would not spill due to the physics at work.



With this knowledge, Millstein created this beverage carrier with a flexible looped handle which acts as the string or thread which lifts and carries the open beverage. The sturdy, durable device also has a base to hold the cup, glass, container, mug or small bowl.


The SpillNot is meant to carry drinks and other beverages from room to room without spilling any of it. It’s especially helpful for children, the elderly, and those with health or mobility issues that might have difficulty carrying drinks up and down stairs or around the house.


It’s a helpful tool to have and a great gift to receive, and seems to leave people amazed and intrigued. To learn more about the physics behind the SpillNot, watch this video.



Though it scientifically acts to prevent spills, it should be used with common sense. If bumped, aggressively shaken or spun, it could spill. It also wouldn’t be wise to have your cups or mugs filled to the top. It’s advised that if you’re trying this out for the first time, not to use any hot liquids.


For more information about the product click here.


Even though learning about what cells look like might have seemed like useless information, this goes to show that there’s still some awesome stuff we can learn from science.


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