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This Is The Most Adorable Tinder Meeting Ever!

Arin Spits / July 27, 2017

It better be because it was THREE YEARS in the making!


In this love story that’s already better than Twilight, started in 2013 when Josh Avsec, 22, messaged Michelle Arendas, 21, on the social dating app. Okay, nothing out of the ordinary – that is until you see the time stamps on their exchanges.



There have been hours, days, and even months passing before the other would respond. Talk about dedication. When speaking to Good Morning America, Michelle was completely committed to the joke and wasn’t about to give in.


Before the pair set eyes on each other for the first time, they were asked a few questions to see if there was at least a little bit of compatibility between the two. Questions included their ideas of the perfect date, their choice of karaoke song, and what one show they would binge watch all day.


It seems the two learned more about each other in three minutes than they have in three years! All went well though as they both agreed on The Office as the best show to binge and that there’s nothing more important in this world than food.



If there’s any couple in this world that deserves a fairytale ending, it’s these two. Of course, you never know what can happen, but Josh’s sister met her future husband on Tinder too, so, you never know!


Tinder caught wind of the story and even offered to send them to any city they wanted to travel to for their first date. They chose Maui in Hawaii which should be super fun.


No pressure though!