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This Man Destroys A Wasp’s Nest With Bare Hands

Arin Spits / February 3, 2017

(The good parts start at 2:23).


Have you ever been stung by a bee, or even worse yet, a wasp? In case you didn’t know, when a bee stings you, the stinger gets dislodged and stuck inside your skin, so essentially they can only sting you once. But for wasps? They’re stingers stay on their bodies so they can attack you as many times as they want.


No one likes wasps. They’re a nuisance and they make you cower in fear. However, fear is not in the DNA of this one man who decided to take care of the problem with his own hands, literally.



Normally, when there’s a wasp problem, you’d call the exterminator. They’ll get a spray, have proper protection, and by the time you get home, the problem is gone. What we see is not normal – it’s extraordinary. In less time than it takes to order a coffee, this man crushed a wasp’s nest, and every wasp that was inside, with just his bare hands.


And he was fine! Hands of steel for sure. When he squeezes the life out of those dreadful insects, you kind of get a little bit a satisfaction from it, but still, what a guy.


There’s only one mystery left to this story. Who is Shantel/Chantelle and what did she do to deserve this kind of man??