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Twitch Streamer Dies During Marathon Session

Diana Rolland / February 25, 2017

Brian Vigneault, a 35-year old gamer, had a history of live-streaming himself playing “World of Tanks” for long periods of time without sleep. Now, it looks like the dangerous practice finally caught up with him. It’s a tragic event no matter how you look it, but what makes this story even worse is that he’s a father of three.


Known as “Poshybrid” to the community, his gaming clan, FAME, posted this heartfelt message to Facebook:



On February 19th, already 22 hours into his stream, the Virginia Beach native got up around 4:30am EST to smoke a cigarette, only he never returned. Viewers naturally assumed he fell asleep. When a friend sent him a message the next day, a response came back, but it wasn’t him. It was from a detective investigating his death.


He was raising money for the Make-a-Wish Foundation, and while it’s a noble cause, it shouldn’t have gotten to the point of becoming life threatening. Marathon streams are being more and more widely used, but no one’s taken a step back to look at the health risks. While Twitch enables gamers to stream however they want, it’s up to the individuals to do so responsibly. In this Kotaku article, streamers have admitted that there’s pressure involved with their career choice. While streaming for long periods of a time was likely a gimmick at first, it generates viewers and subscribers, so now if they stop it, will those go away? Issues like anxiety, depression and sleep deprivation have been all been reported by streamers because of the pressure they felt.


Hopefully, this extremely unfortunate event serves as a cautionary tale to other streamers who feel the need to stream for unnaturally long periods of time.


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