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Upcoming ‘Drone’ Thriller Looks Suspenseful

Steve Porter / April 13, 2017

Drone is an American thriller starring Sean Bean, surrounding a military drone contractor who meets a very enigmatic businessman.


Sean Bean’s character, Neil, appears to be an average suburban family man, but has a secret day job as a drone pilot, carrying out covert military attacks from his suburban hometown.


After his identity has been exposed, he is visited by a Pakistani man named Imir, played by Patrick Sabongui, who is interested in buying Neil’s boat. As the trailer reveals, Imir’s wife and daughter were civilian casualties who died from the attacks orchestrated by Neil. From the clips in the trailer, we see that Imir is looking for revenge, and Neil must expose his secret life and past actions in a very suspenseful and intense film.


Alongside Sean Bean, Patrick Sabongui, the cast of the film also stars Maxwell Haynes, Joel David Moore and Mary McCormack.



Drone attacks began in the early 2000’s, under George W. Bush’s presidency and substantially increased under President Obama’s campaign. The usage of drones to execute attack targets has been very controversial and has led to a very negative perception of the US. Though these attacks are targeting terrorist and extremist groups, there are still large amounts of collateral victims, with at least 6% calculated as civilian casualties.


This upcoming film looks to explore the ethical and moral ramifications of drone warfare, as well as the effects and the aftermath.


Drone is directed by Jason Borque and will be released to theaters on May 26, 2017.