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Who’s Ready for The Walking Dead Season 7 Finale?

Ben Migono / April 2, 2017

There’s been a lot of build up this season, as well as falling ratings and audience viewership, but The Walking Dead season finale is finally upon us, and we’re excited for this epic all out war between Rick and the alliance and Negan and the Saviors.


Here’s a look at the trailer for the season finale.



The first half of the season was rather slow, but it did feature a lot of character building and development. We also got to take a deeper look into the different communities that are now part of The Walking Dead world, such as The Kingdom, The Hilltop, The Saviors’ base, Oceanside and even a little bit of the junkyard.


It was frustrating to see a broken and weak Rick, but with the midseason finale, we saw Rick reuniting with Daryl who was able to escape from the Saviors’ base, and with his classic weapon, his Colt Python.


The second half of the season became a bit faster paced, and a lot more optimistic, with the group gearing up for war. The back half saw Rick and the gang starting to make coalitions and alliances with the other communities who are also under Negan’s oppressive control, and it’s all leading up to this exciting and much anticipated war.


To battle! #TWD

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Heading to the finale of the show’s seventh season, we’re left with some questions, that hopefully we’ll get the answers to in this final episode. Who was the birdie that told Negan about Rick’s plans? What will happen to Sasha? Will she take the comic book death of another similar female character that was held hostage at the Saviors’ base? Will Eugene switch sides, or is he really Negan? Can Dwight be trusted to help Rick and the alliance? And will Dwight ever see Sherry again? Will we see Oceanside joining in on the fight? Can Jadis and the Junkyard people be trusted? And will we see Shiva the tiger maul some Saviors?


In the sneak peek video below, we see Morgan, Carol and The Kingdom stepping out to war with Shiva, and I’m really hoping we see some Shiva kick some ass. Or should I say, maul some ass.



There will be casualties, after all, it is a war. Who will survive? Who will die?


This time last year was very unsatisfying, as the season six finale left us with a massive cliffhanger that just left fans upset. We were all wondering who Negan killed, and we had to wait until the next season to get the answers. As Andrew Lincoln has stated, the season seven finale episode of the show will be very satisfying, so hopefully he’s right, and hopefully they’ve learned from the past.


Stand strong against the Saviors on tomorrow’s #TWD finale.

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Hope you’re excited! The finale airs on AMC tonight at 9/8c on AMC.