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Why Net Neutrality Is Important For You

Steve Porter / November 22, 2017

The term net neutrality has been thrown around for years, and while we currently enjoy a basic freedom to enjoy anything we want on the Internet, this very notion is being threatened right before our eyes. Think about all the things you do online – read, search, play video games, watch videos, listen to music – what if say, your Internet provider states you get the best service on Apple Music, but slower service for your Spotify service (which could lead to a poor user experience for you).


Right now, the rules state that Internet Service Providers (ISPs) – the ones you pay for your Internet access – from any sort of throttling, blocking, and paid prioritization on Internet content. Think of these as ‘fast lanes’ for sites that pay, and ‘slow lanes’ for all the rest. Sounds like a pretty shitty Internet to me. And guess who wants to end net neutrality? Cable providers. It’s not enough that their business model is dying, they want to bully their way into controlling the content of the future.


Just imagine:



It’s an actual reality here:



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