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Worst Sports Injuries Ever Caught on Camera

Ben Migono / January 9, 2018

WARNING! GRAPHIC CONTENT: There are a lot of crazy things that happen in sports. And because most actions are fast-paced, many fans are likely to miss a thing or two. Luckily for them, the cameras are always rolling and almost every part of action is caught on camera. While there are a lot: from numerous coach meltdowns, players’ theatrics to fans’ reactions, which are always funny, there are those moments when everybody cringes when a nasty and shattering injury is caught live on camera.


In the 2017/2018 NBA season opener between Boston Celtics and Cleveland Cavaliers, Boston’s new marquee signing, Gordon Hayward lasted just less than six minutes into the game before suffering a horrific injury that had everybody at the arena recoiling with fear. It was probably one of the nastiest injuries ever caught on camera. It was an injury that brought back to memory some of the nastiest injuries ever witnessed in sports. From Paul George’s terrible leg injury in 2014 to Shaun Livingston’s horrendous knee injury in 2007, here are arguably the worst sports injuries ever caught on camera.


25. Rajon Rondo



Rajon Rondo is one of the finest point guards in the NBA. He’s known for his finesse and ability to leave bigger players in his wake with his clinical ball handling and body movements. During Game 3 of the Eastern Conference semifinals against Miami Heat in 2011, Celtics’ Rondo gruesomely dislocated his elbow after crashing to the floor in a heated tangle with Dwayne Wade.


It was so demoralizing to watch, but they popped it back in place and Rondo unbelievably returned to the court to lead Celtics to victory with 11 assists. It was a truly inspiring and courageous move by Rondo: being there for your teammates no matter what.