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Worst Sports Injuries Ever Caught on Camera

Ben Migono / January 9, 2018

24. Ewald Lienen



Back in 1981 when soccer was still a tough sport for grown up men, German midfielder, Ewald Lienen suffered a grisly injury almost akin to scene from a horror movie involving sharks when Werder Bremen defender, Norbert Siegmann cut Lienen’s right hip open with his studs during a sliding tackle. It was one of the worst foul in the history of German football.


The deep open wound measured 25 centimeters long and exposed his muscles and femur. He required more than twenty stitches to seal it up. Shockingly, Lienen stood up and ran to the touchline to confront Bremen’s coach, Otto Rehhagel, whom he blamed for the devastating foul insisting that the coach incited Siegmann to play rough. Lienen only took 17 days to come back. Contrary to today’s soccer players, back then soccer players like Lienen used to be tough and makes you wonder what happened somewhere along the way.