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Worst Weather Phenomena that Shook the World

Diana Rolland / January 8, 2018

Just over a week ago, more than 120,000 people in the island of Vanuatu in Indonesia were forced to flee their homes to avoid catastrophe after a smoking volcano appeared on Mount Agung and on the brink of erupting.  This dramatic news followed quick on the heels of a truly devastating summer where Hurricane Irma and Hurricane Harvey wreaked havoc in some parts of the United States and the Caribbean. These are just some of the few proof that Mother Nature is a force to be reckoned with.


Well, while nature often gives us bright sunny skies, relaxing rains and cool breezes, it can sometimes turn catastrophic when it unleashes hurricanes, cyclones, earthquakes, floods and other deadly phenomena. In the entire human history, there have been violent natural disasters that have shook humanity to its core. Many of them have claimed millions of lives and destroyed billions of property and could ultimately be considered the worst natural disasters that shook the world. Here are some of them.


25. Lituya Bay Mega Tsunami – Alaska



On the night of July 9, 1958, a massive earthquake along the Fairweather Fault in Alaska loosened close to 30.6 million cubic meters of rock high above the northeastern shore of Lituya Bay. This massive rock dropped right into the waters of Gilbert Inlet from an approximated 3,000 feet altitude. What followed was a mega tsunami that crashed against the southwest shoreline of Gilbert Inlet.


This disastrous impact claimed 100 lives, but was recorded to have been the biggest tsunami ever witnessed at 1,740 feet tall. It will probably remain etched in human history as one of the most calamitous natural disasters.