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Would You Bet Your Wife To Do This On Live TV?

Diana Rolland / April 17, 2017

On The Ellen Show, host, Ellen Degeneres challenged two couples in a game of ‘You Bet Your Wife’. This is the ultimate game of trust.


This game had two contestants go head to head betting that each of their wives could accurately answer each question. But the catch is, the two wives were being suspended in the air, held up only by a body harness. Ellen would ask each husband how many correct answers they could name for a certain question (e.g. how many types of soup can your wife name?), and the two husbands would bet the amount their wives would be able to answer.



After placing their bets, one husband could challenge the other at any point, thus putting their opponent’s wife on the spot to name as many answers as the husband had just bet. If they failed to provide enough answers, they would be dropped. If the wife was able to successfully provide enough answers, the other wife would be dropped.


It looked like a lot of fun for the audience, but a lot of suspense and pressure for the wives that had to provide answers in a 30 second time limit. The wives were also blindfolded the entire time, making the drop even more terrifying.


The wives were asked to name as many things such as brands of sneakers and Disney princess. In the end there could only be one winner. But it’s Ellen, so everyone’s a winner. Both pairs of husbands and wives got to take home a 55″ 4K TV. What a game!


For another segment on the show, Ellen also introduced us to her new favorite show, combining two of her favorite things. Cats and reality TV shows. Introducing, The Real Housecats of New Jersey.