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You Won’t Believe How Intense These Two Soccer Dads Get

Ben Migono / April 20, 2017

Football matches can get pretty heated between players sometimes, and sometimes it’s the fans. In fact in this sketch, James Corden and special guest Kevin James portray two soccer dads who are just there to support their respective sons.



It starts off as simple cheering, but then it becomes a competition as the two fathers go head to head to outdo each other in their support of their own son. Watch as the two comedians hilariously try to 1-up the other, with more extravagant and elaborate ways to cheer.


After the skit, the 51-year old actor and comedian Kevin James, along with the 50-year old actor, Adam Sandler, sat down with Corden to chat. Both actors have worked together and have known each other for some time now, and both starred in ‘I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry’ (2007). They were asked if they had ever gotten into an argument before, and we were given some pretty funny stories. Sandler shared a time he was put in a rather intense wrestling hold.



We also got to learn more about Sandler and James as fathers. They shared their thoughts on parenting their children and even shared some stories about their own fathers. These guys don’t seem like snobby celebrities at all. They seem to be like guys you’d know, regular dads, down to earth and genuine.