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You Won’t Believe This 8-Year-Old Girls Magic Tricks

Shelby Chau / April 23, 2017

On the second, and most recent episode of Britain’s Got Talent, fans were blown away to see these amazing magic tricks by eight year old girl, Issy Simpson, that you won’t believe.


Taught by her grandfather, the young magician performed a variety of magic tricks that had the four judges stunned.



In her first trick, she handed out books to the judges, then after removing the books from a cardboard box, Simpson asked judge, Simon Cowell, to move the box, and he wasn’t able to lift it! She later looked in the box, removed a pack of cards, and easily moved the box off the judges table.


Next, Issy asked Simon to pick a card at random, followed by asking Simon to pick one of three books, as well as a page number at random. Then, Alesha Dixon was asked to identify a random word on that page.



Issy then announced that prior to the audition, she had written a word on a chalkboard, that was covered by cloth. She then walked on stage and revealed that the word she had written prior was indeed the same word that Alesha Dixon had picked, after Simon had randomly picked the book and page number!


With the judges and audience stunned, she revealed her last trick, by asking Simon to unveil the card he had picked earlier. After telling Issy the number, she unzipped her coat to reveal a t-shirt printed with Simon Cowell’s printed on it, holding the exact card he had picked!


The eight-year-old magician was welcomed with a roar of an applause, and four yeses from the judges to advance in the show.