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Anthony Hopkins Celebrates Return of Westworld with Insane Video

spoutly / April 24, 2018

Anthony Hopkins didn’t make an appearance in the season debut of Westworld on Sunday, but he celebrated the return of the critically acclaimed HBO series in his own way on Twitter. Just watch this creepy video from the 80-year-old Academy Award winning actor and then ask yourself whether or not Hopkins has been replaced with an android doppelganger.

The video is captioned, “This is what happens when you’re all work and no play.” Perhaps Hopkins is expressing solidarity with the misused “hosts” from the show?

Minor spoilers ahead for Westworld Season One.

Given the events of the previous season finale, we don’t think that Robert Ford (Anthony Hopkins) will make an appearance any time soon. But given this out-of-this-world video, it seems likely that Anthony Hopkins is now a synthetic lifeform that will live forever.