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10 Year Old Inventor Wants To Save Babies

Steve Porter / February 22, 2017

701, That’s the total  number of children that have died from heatstroke because they were left in a vehicle between 1998 and 2017. That’s a lot of needless death. Some parents may have forgotten their kids in the car while others deliberately left them behind. It should go without saying that leaving your kid in the car while you go run errands in any type of weather condition is an absolute no-no, but to be so ignorant as to do it on a hot day is downright despicable. Cracking a window isn’t enough and leaving the A/C on still doesn’t absolve you. This is something you just don’t do. Ever.

20 states in the US have “Unattended Child Laws” with specific language regarding the act of leaving a minor in any type of vehicle. In the other 30 states, there are no laws and this needs to change ASAP. Make the punishment so severe that no parent or guardian will ever even think about doing it. There are also 20 states with “Good Samaritan Laws” which protect people who take action against this practice and come to the aid of a child in need. If a kid’s locked in a car and you smash a window, you are in no way liable for the damages whereas in the other states, it’s up to the discretion of law enforcement to decide whether or not charges will be filed for damage to personal property.



Enter this 10-year old wiz-kid inventor from Mckinney, Texas, named Bishop Curry V (the fifth) who enjoys tinkering in his garage and crafting things like trebuchets for launching footballs. He’s also 3D printed a device that could save roughly 40 lives a year. In the video, he shows off the small device that is mounted to a child’s car seat and is able to detect if a child is left in the car. The device turns on and blows cool air on the back of the kids head and neck. Little Bishop stated, “I have a dream to have lots of inventions that save many lives.” Get this kid a financial backer quick!


Now, similar devices have been promoted in the past. Back in 2014, there was a news story about a woman named Angela Ingram whose invention called “the backseat baby alarm” was used to alert parents that their child had been left behind. We think the two inventors need to have a meeting and combine their awesome ideas that, if made mandatory parts of car seats, could virtually eliminate the issue entirely.

Featured Image via: theyoungempire