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25 Celebrity BFFs and Bromances that will Melt Your Heart

Arin Spits / March 22, 2017

Hollywood is one of the most insincere places in the world. Actors will display the strongest of bromances one second, but go at each other on social media the next minute. Actresses will be tightest of gal pals one moment, but snub, feud and fight each the next moment. In short, this is what most of us know as “Hollywood” friendships.


Well, we can’t be wrong: not all friendship last forever. At some point, even the best of friends will become strangers, enemies or part ways for good. As they say, “sh*t happens”. These things happen almost every time in real life and are even rifer in Hollywood. However, because Hollywood is a place full of surprises, there are a couple of celebrity friendships that have stood the test of time and sailed against all odds.


There are celebrity’ BFFs that never fail to melt our hearts. They’re not just strong relationships, but also the truest of friendships. These are pals that have rooted for each other both off and on camera, helped each other through nasty divorces in the spotlight, acted together, supported each other’s career and have been there for each other through thick and thin. These are 25 celebrity friendships that disapprove doubters and prove that even the rich and famous can have long-term friends, despite being in an industry that’s more popular for feuds, beefs and fights than for kindness and companionship.


25. Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly



John C. Reilly may be known as the other guy in Step Brothers, but make no mistake of brushing him aside as he’s one of the most respected comedians in Hollywood. That’s because he’s a very talented actor and can stand toe-to-toe with his more notable counterpart, Will Ferrell, not just on the looks department, but also because they’re onscreen step brothers and best friends off it.


Reilly and Ferrell are bros for life and have never been shy of showing off their bromance for the world to see. Do you remember when they locked lips courtside back in 2011? And how about when Reilly composed a funny yet touching poem to honor Ferrell after the latter had received a star on Hollywood Walk of Fame? This is the epitome of a true Hollywood bromance.