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25 Creepiest Ghost Towns In The World You Wouldn’t Want To Visit

Diana Rolland / January 21, 2017

There are shadowy places around the world that seem to have been forgotten by man and overtaken by time. As strange and abandoned as they may appear, most of these locations were once thriving with activity, but for one reason or another, they were abandoned and left in the past. As their legacy and memory get buried deeper with every passing year, there are just traces of mankind and more importantly, stories of ghosts. Whether these ghost stories are real, or just creative imagination, nobody is completely sure. As such, we’ve unearthed the 25 creepiest ghost towns in the world and bring forth reasons why you wouldn’t want to visit them unless you’re a ghostly thrill-seeker. So, sit back and enjoy.


25. Sesena, Spain


Source: inserbia


Located 35 km south of Spain’s capital, Madrid, Sesena was once dubbed the “Manhattan of Spain,” but it eventually turned into an eerie ghost town, perhaps magnifying the saddening collapse of Spain’s property market. Built as a satellite suburban town for 30,000 people, the 13,000 apartments are now crumbling. The apartments were simply not affordable and it’s somehow not unbelievable that nobody settled in a town with no public transportation or even a single pharmacy.