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25 Oddest and Weirdest Celebrity Couples of All Time

Shelby Chau / March 14, 2017

It’s undeniable that most of us have previous relationships that we’d probably like to forget. Whatever the reasons, we’ll tell you that we’re happy to put it where it is: in the past. Even though we always come across perfect couples and in most cases read about perfect celebrity relationships, most of these celebrities have relationship skeletons in their closets that they wish we wouldn’t know about. Whether it’s about a September-January affair that didn’t work out or a partner who couldn’t simply get his act together and stay sober or faithful, relationship skeleton is one area that the rich and famous are unquestionably just like us.


That said, 2016 was a tough year for celebrity couples. From the Brangelina breakup that caught everyone off-guard to the very messy divorce between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard, it was somehow a wild and rough ride for many celebrity couples. Despite all these, it’s no secret that we still love celebrity couples and we hope that they have a better 2017. That’s because whenever celebrities are dating or are in a stable relationship, we ordinary people always love it and follow their lives with a little envy.


However, there are times when certain celebrity couples get has thinking like: this is not going to work! This is at the backdrop of the fact that they often seem like they aren’t the perfect fit for one another. No matter the strength of their relationship whirlwinds or how much they publicly confess their love for one another, most of these celebrity pairings always look odd. These celeb pairings are sometimes very odd that even the public has a feeling from the very start that they’re not meant to be. But because we aren’t that judgmental, we suppose you shouldn’t take our word for it.


That’s why we’ve compiled this interesting list of celebrity odd relationships that had us breathing a sigh of relief when they came to an end. That’s in addition to one or two relationships which are still going strong even though we can’t actually comprehend how they’re making it work. Enjoy reading through it, see what we mean and have your say.

25. Justin Timberlake and Fergie


image via: usmagazine


Before Justin Timberlake and Fergie started collaborated on hits such as ‘Where is the Love?’ the pair had a little thing of their own cooking in the love pot. That was back in 1998 when the then 23-year-old Fergie was still known as Stacy Ferguson of girl group, Wild Orchid. On the other hand, JT was a fresh 16-year-old singer and the younger member of NSYNC.


Fergie admitted that the unlikely relationship wasn’t that serious: “It was neither long-term nor that serious. He was 16 and I was 23 and that was before he really got heavy with Britney.” Okay, we get it. Even the pair knew it wasn’t going anywhere because it was downright odd.