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25 Songs That Are Easy To Learn On Guitar

Shelby Chau / January 12, 2017

Many people say that if you can learn 4 guitar chords, you can play most songs. Well, you sure can play a bunch of songs with just 4 chords.


In popular music, songs are made out of a different combination of chord progressions, usually consisting of the I, IV, V, vi chords or 1, 4, 5, 6 (with the 6th being a minor chord).


There are lots of other chords of course, but keeping things simple, the 4 chords you definitely need to learn are these ones (I, IV, V, iv), which would be G, C, D, Em (in the key of G), or C, F G, Am (in the key of C) or E, A, B, C#m (in the key of E), just to name a few. If you’re interested in learning more about chords, you can try this resource here.



Something to keep in mind is that although chord progressions may not differ too much between songs, they are generally played in different keys. So you can play all songs in the same key (e.g. in the key of G), which might not be in the same key as the recording, or you can use a capo to adjust the pitch and match the key of a song, while still using the same fingering patterns.


I, personally, usually prefer playing in the key of G or E and then I use a capo to raise the pitch to match a recording of a song. Also to note, with a capo, there are lots of different ways to play songs, so you can try different keys and chords and use the capo to adjust accordingly.



If you’re ever stuck trying to find the key of a song, you can try Googling it or this helpful tool.


Each song may have different strumming patterns, tempos, and rhythm, but with only 4 chords in your arsenal, you should be able to play these songs.


Someone Like You, Adele (2011)



This 2011 song is in the key of A major, and has a tempo of 67 beats per minute (BPM). It can be found on Adele’s second studio album 21. One of the ultimate songs to listen to after a break up. If you’re using the G, D, Em, and C fingerings, you can set the capo on the 2nd fret. Guitar chords here.