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25 Unforgettable Celebrity Social Media Blunders

Shelby Chau / January 20, 2017

If there’s one thing that celebrities like doing without PR filters, it’s managing their own social media platforms. As we all know, social media should be nothing more than a way to connect people to one another by sharing their thoughts on any given topic, and to a wider extent, sharing pictures of their lives.


That said, social media gives celebrities the perfect opportunity to connect with millions of their fans without having to call for a press conference. However, social media can have its disadvantages as far as being a celebrity is concerned. Everything they say or post can be extremely scrutinized – and one little mistake can land them on the wrong side of criticism. These failures can be considered sexist, racist, arrogant, ignorant, and in some cases, utterly dumb. So without further ado, these are the 25 most unforgettable celebrity social media blunders thus far.


25. Lindsay Lohan


Source: complex


It’s at least encouraging that Lindsay Lohan decided to take some time off from social media to rethink her life. That’s because at times, her presence on social media was a little wayward to say the least, like that time she became the unofficial advocate for millionaires by tweeting President Barack Obama to lower the taxes for the rich. While it’s unclear what the Mean Girls star was specifically suggesting, it’s easy to say that she should have done better.