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30 Awesome Facts About The Walking Dead

Ben Migono / November 28, 2016

One of the most popular television series of all time, The Walking Dead, is based on Robert Kirkman’s comic book series about a group of survivors following a zombie apocalypse who have to face the threats of the dead and the living.


The hit AMC show is currently in its 7th season and aside from the awesome group of characters and the wicked visual effects that really bring the dead to life, there’s a lot of really interesting facts and Easter Eggs that you might not have known or picked up on.




Let’s take a look. Don’t worry, there aren’t any spoilers below.


Fake Blood


It’s said that each episode uses about 136 liters of fake blood.




What’s A Zombie?


In the entire series, the term “Zombie” is never used. This is to show a world that has no influence from movies or TV and no concept of “zombies”. They’re most commonly referred in the show as “walkers”.




Walkers Don’t Blink


Walkers are shown to never blink or breathe, so the editors are required to remove any instances of blinking, breath, vapor, or steam coming from the actors.


Image via Gene Page/AMC

Image via Gene Page/AMC


Silent Walkers


The moaning and groaning sounds of the walkers are added in after by the editors, and are required to remain silent when shooting, so they don’t distract the actors.


That’s a lot of Walkers


Walkers are said to outnumber humans 5000 to 1.


Tastes like Ham


With such amazing props and effects, the meat that the walkers eat on the show is actually cooked ham. In earlier seasons, BBQ sauce was used for the blood, but seeing as the sauce affected the make-up of the walkers, the crew started using vinegar in the blood.




Tastes like Chicken


One scene in Season 4, where Rick takes a bite out of a man’s throat, Andrew Lincoln was actually taking a bite of raw chicken meat.




Former Marvel Hero


Before The Walking Dead, comic book writer, Robert Kirkman worked at Marvel Comics.


Other Comic References


Robert Kirkman’s work can be found around the show with his other comic book series referenced, such as Science Dog, Wolf Fight, Invincible.




Carl in Season 1 wears a shirt referencing Science Dog.


Sam Anderson in Season 6 has a collection of toys in his room which are characters from Invincible.




A Shared Universe?


A theory suggests that the show shares the same universe with AMC’s other big hit series, Breaking Bad. One example is the red Dodge Charger that Glenn drives in Season 1 to escape the city of Atlanta. The exact same car is used when Walter White buys his son a new car.




The second example is seen when Daryl goes through his brother, Merle’s stash of drugs, trying to find antibiotics. In the bag, you can see what appears to be Walter White’s famous blue sky meth.




The third example can be heard when Daryl describes a story about Merle’s drug dealer, as ‘a janky little white guy’ who said, “I’m gonna kill you bitch!”. The description sounds a lot like Breaking Bad’s Jesse Pinkman.




Paying Tribute


The Walking Dead often pays tribute to other horror classics with subtle Easter Eggs, artwork, effects, or walkers. The show has paid homage to Dawn of the Dead, American Werewolf in London, Day of the Dead, Creepshow and Jaws, as well as to George A Romero, Bernie Wrightson, Rick Baker, and Dick Smith.


In Season 1, you can see a quote in the RV that says “How About A Nice Cup of Shut The Hell Up”, which is a tribute to a quote said in Dawn of the Dead.




In Season 3 “Flyboy” appears in Woodbury, taken from Dawn of the Dead (1978).


Also, in Season 3, one of the heads found in the Governor’s secret room is a replica of Ben Gardner’s severed head from the movie Jaws.




In Season 5 episode 1, you can see a container with the words “Ship to Horlicks University via Julia Carpenter” which is a direct reference to the cult classic, Creepshow, that famously includes a crate with the same words written on it, and a terrifying creature inside.




Hollywood Walkers of Fame


Some famous people who have come on the show as walkers include special effects director, Greg Nicotero, NFL player Hines Ward and Scott Ian from thrash metal band, Anthrax.




Fictional Brands


The fictional cigarette brand that Dale and Daryl are seen smoking is the Morley’s brand which has also been seen in Breaking Bad, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, 24, and The X-Files.




Another fictional brand can be seen on a truck that Rick drives in Season 1. Ferenc Builders is directly associated to the original show director Frank Darabont.




The Ghost Brothers


The Dixon brothers, Daryl and Merle, both do not exist in the comic book series. The character of Daryl was created specifically for Norman Reedus, after he auditioned for Merle.




Not sure if Governor or Pirate

There’s a brief shot of the Governor in Season 4 lying on a pillow which was intentionally portraying him as a pirate.




Mysterious Michonne


In the first ever scene of Michonne, it’s not shown who it is, as the actress was not yet casted at the time.




Carl’s Stunt Double


Teenager Chandler Riggs, who plays, Carl Grimes, has a stunt double played by a woman named Ashley in her thirties.




Dale’s Haunting Words


The last 5 episodes in Season 5 titled: Remember, Forget, Spend, Try, and Conquer, are taken directly from the words of Dale in Season 1 who tells the group about the story of a father who gave his son a watch that was passed down from generations saying,


“I give you the mausoleum of all hope and desire, which will fit your individual needs no better than it did mine or my father’s before me; I give it to you not that you may remember time, but that you may forget it for a moment now and then and not spend all of your breath trying to conquer it.”




Can you spot Johnny Depp?


In Season 6, there were a few severed heads lying on the road, and one of them was modeled after actor Johnny Depp, likely from one of his past films.




The Last Supper


After a major death of one of the characters, the cast all go out to eat dinner to celebrate their time on the show.




The Decaying Dead


Finally, as each season progresses, so do the walkers. The visual effects, the costumes and the make-up intentionally show more and more decay, and guess what? So does the main title.