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5 Hour Energy Creator Wants To Save The World

Shelby Chau / January 29, 2017

You might not have any idea who Manoj Bhargava is, but we’re sure you’ve tried, or at the very least, seen his billion dollar product next to cash registers of gas stations and convenience stores across North America and Europe. Bhargava is the creator of one of the world’s most popular energy drinks, 5 Hour Energy. With an estimated net worth of over $4 billion, this Princeton dropout and former monk philanthropist billionaire has big plans to make the world better for everyone, especially those in the most impoverished areas.



Back in 2015, Bhargava released a documentary titled Billions in Change. In the film, he attempts to shed light on some of the major issues people all over the world are struggling with. It explores how we could alter our approach to things like power, water, and most importantly, health. Along with a small group of people, Bhargava is determined to actively do something about fixing these issues. Thus, enter Stage 2 Innovations, an investment fund he created with his massive 5 Hour fortune.



CNNMoney published the above video to their YouTube channel on January 16th, 2017, and in it we see their correspondent, Rachael Crane, as she ventures inside the Stage 2 Innovations headquarters.



Manoj shows Rachael things like their ‘Free Electric’ bike that is able to provide 24 hours of electricity from just a single hour of pedaling. It’s expected to retail for about $200, but Manoj says Stage 2 will help out those who can’t afford it. While the two converse, Manoj goes on to discuss the profound impact that something as a simple as a single lightbulb can have on those living in rural areas.



Racheal also checks out a device designed for poorer countries where access to clean water is scarce – or even drought stricken areas of the United States. It’s called “The Rainmaker,” a water purification device. Bhargava sees the water purification industry only becoming more lucrative in the years to come.  



Lastly, he shows her what he calls “the greatest medical device ever,”The Renew Circulation Device”. Using a series of fabric cuffs wrapped around a person’s legs The Renew Circulation Device constricts and releases in time with your heartbeat and in doing so increases circulation. Currently, the device costs around $45,000, but he has hopes that within 5 years it could be the type of thing found in everyone’s home.


Source: Forbes

It’s pretty clear Manoj is a man of action, a do’er, and others of his status should take note. He’s putting his money where his mouth is and he’s getting stuff done. Other billionaires have done it like Bill Gates and his wife who have donated a mind boggling $28 billion and have pledged to donate 95% of their fortune. Mark Zuckerberg, the creator of Facebook, stated in 2015 that he plans to donate 99% of his bankroll to charity, which amounts to roughly… $46 billion.


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