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6 Tips and Tricks to Get The Most out of Gmail

Shelby Chau / October 19, 2016

Gmail, Google’s free email service provider, has been around since April 2004 (back when you could only get an account by invite only). In early 2007, the beta version of Gmail became publicly available and is now one of the most popular email services used today.


It’s been almost 12 years since I activated my Gmail account on September 25, 2004, but over the years, I’ve learned some tips and tricks that have helped make my life easier and my emails more organized.


Using Labels



Sort your emails with coloured labels, to make things easier to sort and find. You can also customize the label colour and text colour. You can find this under Settings > Labels


Undo Send


Have you ever sent an email you wish you could take back or wish you could’ve changed? Well you can! Under Settings > General, simply enable the ability to Undo Send and set your cancellation period, so you’ll have up to 30 seconds to take back your email after you’ve initially hit send. This has proved to be quite handy!


Mark as Read button


An easy button to enable that will give you a fast way to mark emails as read. You’ll need to go to Settings>Labs to enable this feature.


Keyboard Shortcuts


This is probably my favourite tip that I can recommend. From Settings > General, simply turn on your keyboard shortcuts and save the change. You can now navigate through your mailbox with the press of a button. Compose an email (c), Go back to your inbox (gi), Delete an email (#) and many more commands you can find a listing of under Settings > Keyboard Shortcuts. Definitely a game changer.


Source: pcworld

Source: pcworld


Searching for Emails


Of course Google has made searching in Gmail easy with lots of different search functions to find exactly what you’re looking for. The simple way is to hit the small triangle on the very right of the search bar located at the top of your mailbox. This will drop down some options for you to search by.


There are also more advanced functions to enter in the search bar, such as…


Searching for a sender/recipient = e.g. “from: Mary, to: John, cc: Susan”

Searching for emails sent or received before or after a specific date = e.g. “after: 2009/01/26, before: 2016/09/12”

Searching for all unread/starred/important emails = “is:unread”, “is: starred”, “is: important”

Searching for emails with attachments greater than 5MB, 25MB, etc. = e.g. “size:50000000” “size:25000000”


Sending & Receiving Emails from Multiple Accounts


If you own different email addresses this should be extremely helpful. You can manage multiple accounts all in one place. Under Settings>Accounts and Import, you can add multiple email addresses you own, so when you’re composing an email, you can select which email to send as. You can also add multiple emails to check from, so that you can receive all emails in one place, rather than having to login and check other inboxes.


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Hope this helps you get the most out of your Gmail experience.


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