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60 Rogue One Facts, Cameos and Easter Eggs

Ben Migono / December 22, 2016

Rogue One was a refreshing new film, which is technically a prequel to the original trilogy and it’s littered with a lot of cool facts, cameos, Easter eggs and more. The following article will try to share everything we’ve found, ranging from the most obvious to the really obscure. Let us know if we missed anything else that you were able to find.



In regards to past movies, I’ll be referencing the episode numbers as opposed to the full Star Wars movie titles and will also reference to the animated series, The Clone Wars, and Rebels. To read more about how all the films, and animated series fit in the whole Star Wars saga and timeline, you can click here. Finally, this is your warning for spoilers if you haven’t already seen Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.



No Opening Crawl



This is the first Star Wars movie that doesn’t start off with the iconic opening crawl, which kind of seemed a bit abrupt, but this film is part of an anthology series. (Personally, I wasn’t a fan, and apparently, neither was the originator of the opening crawl, Dan Perri, who claims it was “a huge mistake” to leave it out.)


Moisture Farmers



At the beginning of the movie, we see Galen Erso on the planet of Lah’mu, and it looks like he has moisture evaporators on his farm, which implies he’s a moisture farmer, just like Uncle Owen who had a moisture farm on Tatooine in episode 4.



Blue Milk



There’s a whole lot of theories and ideas behind this mysterious blue milk, but it makes an appearance in Rogue One at Jyn’s home in Lah’mu. You can also see it episode 4 with Luke and Aunt Beru, and you see Padme bring it to Anakin in episode 2.