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73 Year Old Employee Honored At MCD’s

Shelby Chau / November 26, 2016

Every day we get up and shuffle off to our jobs, and we do it because we’ve got bills to pay and have other financial responsibilities. A large portion of the population are, shall we say, less than pleased with this way of life. A good number of people find themselves in jobs that when given the choice, they would run away from faster than Usain Bolt on his way to the finish line. Ask any kid who’s working and they will probably tell you how much they can’t stand working the cash register at Dairy Queen or folding clothes while working in a retail store.


If you really stop to think about it, food service industry jobs for the most part were never intended to be filled by people over the age of 25. These positions should be for young adults to have employment while they figure out their future and what career path they want to pursue. That’s not to say there’s any shame for people over the age of 25 who find themselves working behind the counter at a fast food restaurant – it’s just how things are now.



In this video published to Fox 5 Atlanta’s Youtube channel on October 27th, 2016, a 73-year old Mcdonald’s employee from Chamblee known as Mr. Willie was honored by his employer and colleagues for his 59 years of loyal service to the company. That’s right, he started working for McDonald’s when he was just 14 years old! Can you believe it? More than 2 decades of his employment was spent at the Chamblee location by working in the kitchen. His boss, Maj Andalibi, says, “He’s our hardest worker, he’s never late, he works as hard as 5 other people.”


Mr. Wille has no plans of hanging up his apron any time soon and he says he hopes to work at the location as long as he can. Judging by how much he’s appreciated and loved by his co-workers, we think it’s going to be a long time!