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9-Year Old Rugby Player Is Out Of This World

Arin Spits / November 8, 2016

Check out this “little” guy absolutely dominate his competition on the field. Sports is fun. It helps us build character and teaches us how to work as part of a team. For some kids it’s just an outlet, something to help them burn off all their pent up energy. Recreational sports isn’t meant to be taken too seriously, but boy-o-boy, this guy’s all business!



So here’s this un-named kid who’s been dubbed “Mini Beast Mode”. This little man is something else! He proves that one in a million are just born with a little something extra that makes us excel beyond comprehension. He’s 9, but towers over his opponents. He outweighs everyone else on the field by an easy 40 lbs and towers over everyone with the stature of someone nearly twice his age.


He’s in a league of his own – his teammates give him the ball and just wait for him to score. Some kids try to stop him, but Mini Beast Mode seems to enjoy the feeling of destroying those who get in his way. Just look at poor #16 at the 0:24 mark. Ouch. Then watch as his pink-bibbed teammate try to exact some revenge, only to be put on his rear-end himself. At the 0:30 mark, he manhandles 5 defenders on his way to the goal. Very impressive!


Featured image via: Today