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A Mayweather Vs. McGregor Fight Seems A Lot Like “Rocky”

Ben Migono / January 15, 2017

The parallels between 1976’s Academy Award winning film, Rocky, and a Floyd Mayweather vs. Conor McGregor fight is undeniable.


Let’s look at the similarities:


Mayweather Is Apollo Creed



First off, Mayweather is not a heavyweight fighter, but weight classes aside, both were champions, both have incredible agility, both have undefeated records, and just like Creed, Mayweather needs a gimmick to find his next challenger. Say what? There’s an MMA fighter who wants to fight in a boxing match? SOLD!


McGregor Is Rocky Balboa


Source: dailymail


This match would only take place in a boxing ring since Mayweather has no experience in MMA and McGregor would just have to train his stand-up game before the fight. Height wise, Balboa is taller by an inch at 5’10” while McGregor stands at 5’9”. The key here is that they’re both southpaws. McGregor would be ahead of Stallone’s character at this point because he’s already proficient in switching stances. Oh yeah, and he’s already a championship fighter.


Who Would Win?


Logically speaking, Mayweather should win in a boxing match and McGregor should win in an MMA fight.


If it was an MMA fight, Mayweather has to deal with a lot of new things. Take down defense, ground defense, and stand up fighting with no boxing gloves. That being said, McGregor would have a much better chance in a boxing match because boxing is just one of the areas he’s already trained for. 18 of his 21 wins have come by way of knockout so that should give you a pretty good idea about his heavy hands.



No one thought Rocky stood a chance against Apollo, but then again, he stunned the world by lasting 15 rounds against the champ. Could McGregor replicate that success? No one knows, but everyone loves a great underdog story.


Featured image via instagram (floydmayweather/thenotoriousmma)