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A Priest And Imam Meet For A Cup Of Tea

Shelby Chau / December 10, 2016

You know a company is hitting their mark with their advertising when a commercial that is less than 90 seconds has you reaching for a box of tissues. So here’s a touching little piece from the folks over at Amazon that they released to their youtube channel on the 17th of November 2016. It’s short simple and quick to the point.

A Catholic priest and a Muslim imam meet as friends, spending some time together, sharing in some laughs, and a little bit of earl grey tea. When it comes time to bid one another farewell, the two stand to say goodbye and are simultaneously struck with knee pain because in both lines of work, they kneel to pray. It’s a simple way to bring into perspective that we’re all the same – regardless of the differences in cultural or religious beliefs.



Once they’re out of eyesight from each other, they pull out their smartphones, open the Amazon app and proceed to place orders. Some time passes and the men both receive packages from one another. When they’re opened, it’s revealed that they sent each other the same gift: a pair of knee pads.

Kindness, acceptance, and understanding are the values that help bridge the social and economic gaps that exist between us. The commercial, in some ways, mirrors one of Tolstoy’s short stories, The Coffee House of Surat. For a little more about the themes displayed in Amazon’s commercial, we suggest checking out the short story.


Featured image via: Youtube