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All Hail Hypno-Trump

Arin Spits / February 14, 2017

Today, we’re going to have a little fun. We’re going to present to you an entirely hypothetical theory based on evidence we’ve found that is easily accessible online. The theory is this: Trump is a level 1000 Sith lord who is proficient in Jedi mind tricks and hypnosis. For starters, there are a few terms we need to define before we decide to dive in.



The first of which is the most obvious one: hypnosis; which is defined as “the alteration in one’s state of consciousness by way of purposeful induction where in the person being hypnotised experiences a loss in their control over their voluntary actions and becomes hypersensitive to the power of direction or suggestion.” It is used in many forms of psychotherapy to help people recover repressed memories, but it’s also used as a tool for behavior modification through suggestion.


Image Source: huffingtonpost


The second term were going to look at is “rapid induction,” instant induction,” or “rapid hypnotic induction.” This is defined as “a method of hypnotic induction where the practitioner circumvents conventional hypnotic techniques in favor of a quick, less obvious yet equally powerful – if not more so – gateway to enter one into a hypnotic state.” This method is undoubtedly the most dangerous because the individual/individuals being inducted have no chance to allow for mental preparation. It just happens. It can be a handshake, a touch to the shoulder, a hug, or a simple pat on the back.



Other than the two primary points of focus defined above, we need to be aware of other methods of hypnosis because they can used in conjunction with each other to yield a more effective induction. These practices include, but are not limited to, pace and lead, physical posturing, sensory overload, stealth, visualizations and subliminal messaging, eye fixation or deep gazing, and the mirror technique.


Justin Trudeau about to block trumps HypnoYank- Image Source: TheStar


Our theory is as stated above – Trump is a master mass-hypnotist, a meddling mentalist, and a rampant rapid inductor. You see, the thing most people fail realise is that hypnosis is not restricted to the trivial, classic, smooth-speaking-watch-swinging carnival act it was once touted as. In reality, in the wrong hands, it’s a form of covert mental manipulation, subconscious espionage and/or subliminal warfare.  And everyone could benefit from learning about theses techniques – especially those in the world of business.



Firstly, let’s look at Trump’s most obvious use of these tactics. In the above video you’ll find a compilation of The Donald’s trademark handshake that some might categorize as a simple power play or show of dominance, but we present to you an alternative. Maybe it’s something more nefarious. Notice the jerking/yanking – he’s clearly catching people off guard – it’s a shock to your system – both physically and mentally. Below is a video where a hypnotist demonstrates “The Handshake” or “Arm Pull Induction.”



I theorize that what Donald is doing is creating a subconscious doorway that leaves people open to suggestion. It’s known as “a pattern interrupt” where the mind thinks it knows what’s going to happen, but instead is met with something else, thus causing a disruption in the processes of conscious and subconscious thought. Could this be the secret to his success in both business and his road to becoming president? Think about it, all business meetings start and end with a handshake. One opens the door and the other closes it, solidifying the implanted suggestions.



Lastly, we will take a moment to look at Trump’s various methods in which he uses linguistics and movement as a tool for persuasion and manipulation which, to the skeptical eye, could appear as a deliberate attempt at mass hypnosis. There is no point in reiterating what the above video states especially since they make their point so eloquently.


In the end, this is all speculation and guessing. We just feel you should at least be aware of the possibility that he may be up to something devious or unsavory, but you can be the judge of that. So, protect your mind, guard yourself, and learn to be skeptical and question everything.


Featured image via: Clapaway