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Amazing Dog Facts You Probably Never Heard Of

Diana Rolland / December 20, 2017

Bringing a puppy or a dog into your family is surely a very huge and bold decision. Not only is a dog man’s best four-legged friend, but this loveable animal is also smart, loyal and above all, caring. We probably all love dogs; they’re our best friends and even more amazing than you ever realized.  The question is; how much do you know about dogs?


Well, our canine companions are intriguing creatures. For instance, you possibly don’t know that dogs get jealous, do you? If you do, then there are almost certainly many other astonishing facts about dogs that you’ve never heard of. For this reason, here are some incredible facts about dogs that’ll be of immense interest not just to children, but to adults too. You most likely want to read through these fascinating details about dogs and hopefully impress your friends with them next time a discussion crops up about man’s best


25. Dogs May Feel Ashamed, but They Don’t Feel Guilty

(via dogshaming)


Naughty dogs have been shamed in various online platforms such as this one. According to veterinary scientists, dogs never feel remorseful for their naught behaviors. Well, you may take photos of your lovely dog in a morally compromising position and shame them online, but they don’t have the ability to feel guilty as it is a complicated emotion to dogs.


The fact that they may sometimes appear shamed or guilty is down to the fact that they’ve adapted to living with humans for thousands of years and have learned to act in a submissive way when their masters express anger at them.