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Android Users Can Now Play Super Mario Run

Steve Porter / March 25, 2017

Initially released for iOS users in late 2016, Super Mario Run is now available for Android users as well. Like the iOS version, downloaded the game gives you the first four levels to play, but that’s it. To unlock the rest of the game, it’ll cost you $9.99 USD. That’s the downside, but on the upside, there are no micro-transctions, so once you purchase the game, that’s it.


The game was expected to launch on the 23rd of March, but to the surprise of many, Nintendo decided to release the game a day early. Not that anyone complained!



You need the Internet to play, so if you drop the connection, it won’t load. Sorry subway riders. You could easily play with one hand as Mario moves on his own. Tapping the screen makes him jump and holding it longer will make him jump higher. You can also double jump and wall jump. The trick is to get your timing down to collect coins and get high scores.


There’s basically two ways to play including the single player World Tour, and Toad Rally to challenge friends. Another mode in Super Mario Run is to use the “Toads” you collect from your races. Redeem the Toads for items and you can use them to build up your kingdom.


Now that anyone with iOS or Android can play, what’s your take on the game so far?


Featured image via businessinsider (Nintendo)