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Anna Kendrick and Blake Lively Team Up for Sexy New Thriller: Trailer

Shelby Chau / July 18, 2018

We admit that this isn’t the movie we would have expected from Paul Feig, director of Bridsemaids, The Heat, Spy, and Ghostbusters. Instead, A Simple Favor is a taut thriller about a missing woman who disappears in a small town that promises twists, turns, and a hint of dark comedy starring Anna Kendrick and Black Lively. Sold.

Judging from the trailer, A Simple Favor (based on a novel of the same name by Darcy Bell) is a slow burn that slowly increases in intensity as we race towards a sinister conclusion. At the beginning of the trailer we’re introduced to Stephanie (Anna Kendrick), a blogger mom who forms a sudden and befuddling friendship with Emily (Blake Lively), whose son attends the same school. Stephanie is awkward and friendly, Emily is stylish, mysterious, and almost cold. The two form an uncanny bond that is put to the ultimate test when Emily disappears—and Stephanie can’t let it go, probing deeper and deeper into her new friend’s secrets.

The teaser trailer raises more questions than it answers, and we can’t wait for the next trailer. A Simple Favor is in theaters on September 14.