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Apple Offers Discount For iPhone Battery Replacements

Diana Rolland / December 29, 2017

If you’ve ever owned an iPhone before (some of the newer gens at least), then you know what a lot of other iPhone users suffer from. The longer you have your phone, the battery begins to operate like a big pile of garbage. After what many users have long suspected, Apple actually issued an apology after they admitted to slowing down older iPhone models. Needless to say, the public was outraged and the news made headlines around the country.


Check out their full apology here.


Following the consumer backlash, Apple has decided to show some goodwill and are now offering a discount to iPhone users if they need a battery replacement. What used to be a $50 USD charge for an replacement battery past the warranty phase, will now be reduced to $29 USD. Unfortunately, it’s not effective right away. The change will probably only come into effect in late January 2018, but it will last throughout the year. Those north of the border will reap the benefits as well. What used to be a $99 charge will now be reduced to $35 Canadian.


If you have an iPhone in need of a battery replacement, come 2018, your chance will be finally here.


Featured image via apple