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Apple’s New Headphones Might Cost a LOT

Eric Walker / July 2, 2018

After several delays due to unknown challenges during development, Apple is expected to release updated AirPods and brand-new over-ear headphones next year.

The company has been developing studio-quality headphones optimized for use with Apple products for years. Bloomberg reports that the new headphones will be high-end devices that can compete with Sennheiser and Bose. This slots Apple-branded devices above existing headphones offered by Beats by Dre in Apple Stores.

Apple is expected to update their wireless AirPods and offer new over-the-ear headphones. Beats current over-ear headphones can cost up to $399.95, while new headphones from Sennheiser can crack $1,500. That’s a significant potential premium for Apple products—shocking, we know. Given how long it’s taken for Apple to develop these devices, we expect that the sound quality matches the price.

AirPods are also expected to received noise cancellation technology and water-resistant (but not water-proof) casing. There are even rumors that AirPods could include biometric sensors like heart-rate monitors, doubling as a Fitbit or Apple Watch for runners. We can imagine some apps could provide soundtracks designed to increase or synchronize with your heartbeat, which would be pretty cool. Current models ring in at $159, so buyers can expect an increase next year when the new models appear in the Apple Store.

So we have to ask—will you buy Apple over-the-ear headphones? And at what price?