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Ariana Grande, John Legend Cover ‘Beauty and the Beast’ Perfectly

Shelby Chau / March 6, 2017

The new ‘Beauty and the Beast’ music video, starring Ariana Grande and John Legend was released on March 5th by Disney. This video was of course released as the theme song ahead of ‘Beauty and the Beast’ the movie, which comes out in theaters on March 17th.


The music video primarily revolves around the ballroom scene from the new live-action adaptation of Beauty and the Beast, showing Emma Watson as Belle and the new digitally created Beast, elgantly dancing together. Belle is dressed in her signature yellow ballroom gown, and the beast is dressed in his royal blue tuxedo. As Ariana and John blend their voices together, we can see shots of Belle and the Beast dancing, as well as other characters like Mrs. Potts, and Chip watching along.



The duo breathes new life into the classic hit as Legend is shown playing on the piano and Grande in a very elaborate gown. The two star singers showcase some beautiful harmonies and vocals as they perform their take on this iconic song, that was popularized by Celine Dion and Peabo Bryson back in 1991. Believe it or not, this was the song that catapulted Dion’s musical career, bringing her out of obscurity and landing her a recording contract.


The original duet Dion and Bryson was actually the first ever Disney song that was remade into a pop arrangement, and it paid off, as it became a massive hit on the charts, reached huge commercial success, and paved the way for many other artists who performed pop renditions of Disney songs.



Ariana Grande and John Legend have big shoes to fill, but their cover as the official theme song for the release of this year’s Beauty and the Beast seems to be very fitting.