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Atlanta’s Insane New $1.5 Billion Stadium

Ben Migono / January 24, 2017

Atlanta will have a breathtaking new multi-purpose stadium opening later this year. Named, the Mercedes-Benz Stadium, it will be the new home for the Atlanta Falcons (NFL) and the Atlanta Unifed FC (MLS), replacing the Georgia Dome which opened in 1992.


The new stadium which is currently being constructed has an estimated cost of about $1.5 Billion, which also includes the fan plaza, solar panels and electric vehicle charging stations located outside the building.


The stadium features an incredible new retractable roof, inspired by Ancient Rome’s Oculus in the Pantheon.


One side of the building has ground-to-roof windows giving a beautiful view of downtown Atlanta.



The new Falcons’ home also showcases a 360 degree HD halo video board, making it the largest video board in the world of professional sports, with 63,000 square feet of screen, standing at 58 feet high, which will make it impossible to miss all the action, highlights, and scores.


The architects definitely wanted to make the most of every square foot in the stadium, putting video displays on all 4 sides of the mega columns, which stand at 101 feet high and are 71 feet around.


In total, Mercedes-Benz Stadium has approximately 91,480 square feet of LED video displays throughout the building, more than any other stadium in the world.


Beyond all the bright shiny lights, the stadium has lounges, bars, suites, an open concourse area and over 1,800 wireless access points for fans to enjoy their experience.



The stadium will also feature a giant falcon sculpture, the world’s largest free-standing bird statue constructed by Budapest sculptor, Gábor Miklós Szőke, standing at 41.5 feet tall and with a wingspan of over 64 feet. Facing the city’s skyline, the falcon will stand on the main plaza and will be clearly visible by everyone when approaching the stadium.


The stadium is built to hold up to 75,000 fans for potential events like the Super Bowl or the FIFA World Cup, but can also seat 83,000 fans for other events like the NCAA Final Four tournament. There’s also a mechanized curtaining system in the mid and upper bowls that can transform the seating capacity for other events, concerts or shows to optimize the stadium’s experience.



Mercedes-Benz Stadium is currently under construction and is expected to be completed in June, and will open at the end of July, this year. It’s also confirmed to host the 53rd NFL Super Bowl in 2019.


To see how it looks right at this moment, they have a live web cam and time lapse cam to show the stadium’s construction here. For more information about the stadium, check out their website here.


All images via Mercedes Benz Stadium