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Bed Transforms Into Personal Movie Theater

Arin Spits / February 4, 2017

Give you a bed that can do both! Named the most advanced bed in the world, this bed transforms into a personal movie theater.


The iNyx bed comes with a roof that carries a projector screen that lowers to the foot of the bed. To set the ride mood, the roof also contains side panels or privacy blinds that can be lowered to block out light and provide you with better sleeping conditions. Both the home theater screen and blinds are retractable.


By the head of the bed sits the built-in HD projector which lets you watch movies, play video games, or browse the web.



No theater would be complete without a good sound system, so of course the iNyx bed has a built-in 5 point sound system.


To help set the perfect mood, the bed also comes with a light system found under and above the bed, and also an LED light system on the bottom of the roof, which recreates a night sky that you can see while you down in this bed.


To put the bed over the top, it also comes with a built-in aroma dispenser system, dispensing pleasant aromas to set the mood, or to help you go to sleep, and drink holders, so you really have everything you need.


See all of the functions and features of the iNyx bed in this video:



This bed is currently on Indiegogo and is looking to raise $4,999 to start the project and create the first prototype. If you back this campaign, you have the option to buy one, or have the option to buy just the roof, which can be installed above your current bed. The roof is designed to fit above all king size beds and smaller models, and it can detached and reattached easily.


Check out the campaign here.