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Beyoncé Launches Limited Time Popup to Harness Coachella Fever

Shelby Chau / April 26, 2018

Beyoncé has launched an online popup where fans can buy swag from Coachella. The “Beychella” popup is only available for thirty days and counting and, yes, there is a countdown clock! If you (like us) couldn’t attend Coachella in person, this is your chance to buy a little piece of the magic.

This is one hell of a marketing maneuver by Beyoncé. We get it now. Denying fans any (official) video of her critically acclaimed show will just drive consumer demand for swag. The limited availability just sweetens the deal and emphasizes the esoteric, insider appeal of Beychella. Clever, Beyoncé. Clever. She ain’t called Queen Bey just because she wears a crown.

Beyoncé’s show was, by all accounts, a moving testament to black music, social justice, and artistic verve. If you want to pretend that you were there, take a look at the popup. Many items feature Greek letters evocative of attending “Beyoncé U,” in honor of the Historically Black Colleges and Universities marching bands that performed on stage. There are also “Coachella bandana bundles” for $40.00, Nefertiti photo tees for $40.00, and Crest Embroidered Pullover Hoodies for $115.00. You’ve got less than 30 days to take home an official piece of Beychella, people.