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‘Big Bang Theory’ Renewed For At Least Two More Seasons

Shelby Chau / March 21, 2017

The Hollywood Reporter first released the news that The Big Bang Theory has been officially renewed for seasons 11 and 12. At this point it’s unclear if they’ll wrap it up in the 12th season, but they’ve got a cash cow right now, and they need to milk it for all its worth.


While we know the stars playing Penny, Leonard, Sheldon, Raj, and Howard will be back, the ones playing Amy and Bernadette are still undergoing contract negotiations. We’ve already reported that the five main stars have already taken pay cuts to assist their fellow co-stars. The five main stars, (Kaley Cuoco, Johnny Galecki, Jim Parsons, Kunal Nayyar, and Simon Helberd) originally made $1 million per episode and have gone down to $900,000.



As for Mayim Bialik and Melissa Rauch, they’re seeking significant raises to their current fee of $175,000 per episode. They’ve become integral pieces in the show, Bialik (Amy) is Sheldon’s current live-in girlfriend and Rauch (Bernadette) is married to Howard and have a child together. According to THR, they won’t make the $900,000 like the rest, but they could expect upwards of $400,000.


The salaries are a big chuck of the show’s overall production cost of $10 million per episode.


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