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Canada, Where You Can Buy Pot And Liquor At Once

Arin Spits / December 12, 2017

Well, it’s not the whole country just yet, but one province in the land north of the border could see it as reality in the near future. It was recently announced that a province on the country’s east coast, Nova Scotia, has decided that it will allow its liquor stores to also sell marijuana.


The provinces only entity for alcohol distribution, the Nova Scotia Liquor Corporation, stated that they’ll be selling pot along with bottles of booze in its stores once weed becomes legal in Canada by July of 2018. They’ll also be making it available for sale on its website once the change comes into effect.
At a press conference, Justice Minister Mark Furey said that the NSLC has the expertise it needs to sell and distribute marijuana and alcohol in a socially responsible way.


The jury is still out on whether the pros outweigh the cons of making pot readily available for those who are of age. However, by selling it in already established brick and mortar locations make it a logical choice. There’s already surveillance and security to prevent theft and minors from purchasing products.


Those in Nova Scotia will be allowed 30 grams (that’s about 30-40 joints), and must be over 19 to purchase weed legally. Those in the province of Ontario can also expect to see marijuana sold in their liquor stores.


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Featured image via reuters (Steve Dipaola)